President's [mini-] Challenge(s) 2020

The Challenge

This year we will offer a series of mini-challenges instead of a single larger challenge.

Book challenge

While we are all under stay at home orders, create a project based on a book that you read during March or April. The project should also incorporate a new pattern or technique.

Post pictures of your projects to the TNT Facebook Page with the Show-n-Tell pictures. For each posting, you will receive 1 ticket. A drawing will be held during our next meeting back (tentatively August) for a gift certificate to O Sew Personal.

Self Portrait Challenge

Due at the next, next meeting (tentatively September). Create a project that describes you in some way. Come up with 3 or more statements to describe yourself, which are reflected overtly or subtly in your project and then we can match the statements to the portrait.

Here is some food for thought on the self portrait challenge. Emeraldine here was made by Denise Bone from a pattern. This might be a starting point for your self portrait. Emeralidne could represent any of these statements.

  • I am the world's biggest fan of Wicked (Elfaba's green skin).

  • I am a doting mother.

  • I love to travel to quilt retreats.

  • I live in my Crocs.

  • Green is my favorite color.

I made a lap quilt for my mom a long time ago with blocks that reflected who she was: Sister's Choice, Farmer's Daughter, Schoolhouse. Don't take self portrait too literally. Reflection of who you are may be a better description. This is supposed to be fun. Remember some of those creativity boosters from our last program? Think outside the box. Try new materials. Enjoy the process.

Whenever we regroup and share this challenge we will be trying to match up the statements with the project. We hope this will be a fun way to get to know each other better.

Green woman
Reading cookbook
Food Images

President's Challenge Explained


The President of TNT issues a “challenge” for all guild members to make a project following a certain theme, color scheme, shape, etc. The project is deliberately left vague so that the membership can use their particular skills to develop a project that will be unique.


The project is designed to be challenging and stretch the membership’s skills and allow growth in creativity.


The challenge projects will be shared with the membership in the February meeting where the members pick their favorites in an informal show. The president also picks a favorite project.

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