President's Challenge 2018-2019Storytelling

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The Challenge

Sewing and storytelling go together like olives and martinis. So this year the challenge is to present a project with a story, a paragraph in length, about your inspiration to create it. You can use a project previously created or complete a new one.
There are no size restrictions: a quilt block, small stitching project, quilt, or small sewing project.
Note: This year's presentation will be at the February meeting.

President's Challenge Explained


The President of TNT issues a “challenge” for all guild members to make a project following a certain theme, color scheme, shape, etc. The project is deliberately left vague so that the membership can use their particular skills to develop a project that will be unique.


The project is designed to be challenging and stretch the membership’s skills and allow growth in creativity.


The challenge projects will be shared with the membership in the February meeting where the members pick their favorites in an informal show. The president also picks a favorite project.

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